ART and The Art of Managing STRESS

ART and The Art of Managing STRESS

If I were teaching a wellness class right now, one of the first assignments would be to ask the class to look up the art of MaryLou Falstreau, choose one that resonates with you, and tell me why, and then how it changed your attitude.  I have never met Ms. Falstreau, but I did have the pleasure of speaking to her on the phone once.


I see my clients in a wellness center.  The first time I visited the center, I noticed four framed Falstreau prints on the wall.  The print that jumped out at me that day, and which I have subsequently purchased and am looking now at as I type, is “One day she woke up and decided to slow down”.  The image is of a woman lying underground/underwater with a fish, a bird, and a cat. I now own a few others, but this remains the one that speaks to me daily.


Why does it resonate with me?  Well, because one day I woke up and that same day I did not slow down; instead my heart stopped, and if you have been reading these blogs, you know that it stopped because of stress.  I survived my cardiac arrest because the next person to walk into the yoga studio was Lori, a nurse with lots of ER experience.  I am lucky!  And since that day, I am on a mission to help others manage their stress before it manages their lives! 


I help my clients using my own blend of Healing Arts that I call HypnoFusion™.  I customize these Healing Arts which include Hypnotherapy, Health and Wellness coaching, plant based living coaching, Tapping, Yoga, Life Coaching and several others for each client.  Together we define the cause of the stress and the manifestation.


How does your stress manifest?  Rapid heart rate? Insomnia?  Shallow breathing?  Weight gain?  Weight Loss?  Smoking? Rash?  Digestive issues?  Fears including fear of flying? Stress manifests in an endless number of ways.


Healing Waters is here to help you. In person or through Skype, Facetime, etc.


In the meantime, check out MaryLou Falstreau.  Choose the piece that resonates for you today.  Think about why.  Then call or write for an appointment.     440-346-2630