Your 1st Hypnotherapy Session:


In our offices, you will likely spend the first 20 minutes with your hypnotherapist discussing why you are here and the changes you would like to make. Are you here to Remove something in your way such as a fear, phobia, habit, anxiety, stress?  Are you here to Resolve an issue or hang-up?  Are you here to Release anger, anxiety, fear?  Are you here to Reframe an image or experience to move it out of your way?  You will learn about the process of hypnotherapy specifically used by your practitioner. Your hypnotherapist will take careful notes. 

You will settle into a relaxing chair in a relaxed position.  You will be asked to release any gripping and tension in your jaws, hands, face, legs.  You will then be guided into a relaxation state listening to the sound of your hypnotherapist’s voice.  When you are in a trance, your hypnotherapist will take you a bit deeper into relaxation.  You will  hear the affirmation you have selected, and start  on your journey to the change you are seeking.  You will be brought back once that piece is complete.  Often, hypnotherapists will use counting down from 1 to 10 to bring you into the trance, and reverse counting to bring you back.  When you awaken, you will feel relaxed and ready to return to your day.  You may notice changes immediately.