Weight Management


Our Customized Hypnotherapy Program for Weight Management is designed to support you to your weight management goals.  Our therapists will work with you one-on-one to custom create a program that meets your specific needs.  We know that weight management is not always simply a matter of eating less and moving more.  Our approach will help you determine the cause of your weight management symptoms and work with you to mediate the cause.  Nutrition counseling is included in your weight management package along with support and encouragement to add strengthening, flexibility and cardio exercises to your routine that works with your lifestyle.  Through your journey to wellness, you will meet with Bev a minimum of 7 times dedicated to your weight loss hypnotherapy.  Along with nutrition counseling to address any questions you may have, your program will include neuro-linguistic programming, stress management to address the issues which contribute to a weight management challenge, walking meditations, and aromatherapy to assure your relaxation.  Our weight management clients have found Hypnotherapy to be very effective in helping them to eliminate bad habits including sugar addiction, replace them with good habits, identify the reasons for their weight management issues, and enjoy the positive weight management they have been seeking.  Following your seventh session, we will continue to follow-up with you in whichever way you prefer, and meet with you as needed to assure your continued success.

It is important to remember that at all times, YOU the client, are in total control.  At the beginning of each session, we will discuss how you are feeling, any slippery slopes you may have encountered, and any triggers you may have struggled with since the previous visit.  You should expect each visit to take 45 to 60 minutes.  When you leave, you will feel relaxed, alert, and in total control.  You will usually have “homework” to reinforce our work in each session.