Healing Waters: Fusing Hypnotherapy with Wellness for your Health


Bev Waters Shankman

Founder, Healing Waters HynoFusion™


Bev works with you to recognize the symptoms of your stress, understand its' causes, and realize how it manifests in your daily life, often as fears, phobias, habits, anxiety.  Her personal struggle with unrecognized stress almost cost her life.  Today, Bev's mission is to help you manage your stress and “get out of your own way” to living your best life.  Bev seamlessly blends Hypnotherapy with wellness, nutrition, mindful breathing, walking meditation, and yoga to create a personalized roadmap with you for your journey.  www.HealingWatersSolutions.com, @Healing Waters on Instagram and Facebook. Together, you will move beyond the cause of your symptoms to a happier you.