Spring Equinox: time for Spring Cleaning the habits in your way

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, the Spring Equinox, that day when day and night are equal in length.  Not matter the weather on the first day of Spring, we know the new season is on its way and our step becomes a little lighter.  Many of us begin to think about Spring cleaning, the things we want to change inside the house, the things we want to change outside.  Many of us thing about our personal Spring Cleaning:  the changes we want to make to our external selves and the changes we want to make to our internal selves.  

I heard from several old and new clients already this week; people who know what changes they are ready to make, and are seeking some guidance in making them.  I am so grateful that they understand how Hypnotherapy can help them to make those changes.

And last night, I attended a Spring Equinox Workshop lead by my yoga teacher.  (You will read a lot from and about her in these blogs).  She took us through a discussion about the Spring Equinox, some wonderful, mostly restorative yoga poses to reflect each of the Elements:  Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, and, as is the gift each attendee gives herself by attending these workshops, a guided meditation.  We each left there refreshed, relaxed and even more ready for our own Spring.

So, imagine my delight today, as I sit with all of my windows open (the sun is shining and it is 51 degrees outside!), breathing in the Spring air, and enjoying the cross breeze as it winds through the house,....just imagine my delight to receive this text from my yoga teacher:

“The Virgo in you is the spiritual Gardener who helps others pull the weeds from their Garden that cause fear and unhealthy habits.  Then you help them replant healthier thoughts and patterns with Hypnotherapy so they can blossom”.

My heart sings with this amazing and loving tribute.  Thank you, Dana!

So, to you who have taken a few moments out of your day to read this note, enjoy the early Spring, and the knowledge that the seasons are changing and bringing new growth and all  new possibilities!

And as you prepare for your own Spring Cleaning, call to schedule your "Spring Cleaning" appointment.  Let me assist you in pulling those weeds from your Garden, the weeds getting in the way of living your best life and being your best self.  Together, with Hypnotherapy, we will replant healthier, more positive and productive thoughts and patterns so that you, too, will blossom!