Unintended surprises from Ubering

I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend time with my children and grandchildren in Los Angeles.  I am also blessed with several friends in LA with whom I was anxious to visit.  Getting from here to there in LA is pretty simple:  press the UBER button on my phone and cars, usually a Prius for some reason, magically appear!  In my mind, I dedicated my UBER time to catching up on work and correspondence, and always a phone call.  Instead, I have found myself one-on-one with some very delightful people who spend part of their day helping people like me get from here to there.

My first LA UBER driver was a delight.  He stopped for a personal issue during our ride and I was thrilled that he was taking care of himself.  We chatted about raising adult children and the other challenges we are currently facing.  He asked what I do back in Ohio and when I told him he asked if I could hypnotize him to be able to relax and sleep at night.  YES!  I told him.  WHEN?  We scheduled an online session next week.

My next UBER driver was doing this for extra income to supplement working in a store on her feet all day.  She asked what I do.  (It must be part of UBER training to get to know your customers).  When I told her, she asked if I could hypnotize her to stop smoking.  YES! I responded!  LET’S SCHEUDLE THAT.  We are meeting this weekend via Skype.

The following UBER driving needed sleep and needed some relaxation to get back in touch with the creative part of him that sent him to LA.  YES!  We are meeting next week.  He prefers Google Hangouts.  I’m good with that.

Then I got into my next ride.  This UBER driver, like all of the others, is well educated and well informed.  And struggling with whether this is all worth it.  He has been molested and abused.  He is disengaged from his family of origin.  His wife and children are lovely and rather demanding and expensive.  As a minority, he has faced racism and inequality.  We are meeting next week.  He asked some interesting questions:  After your Near Death Experience, how do you feel about life? How do you feel about other people?  Are you treating others differently now?  YIKES!  Great questions!  So glad it was a longer ride!

I answered his questions.  I told him my NDE is the reason I now practice Hypnotherapy:  to help others manage their stress before it manages them.  I cherish every day, and every moment.  I almost missed them.  I am thrilled to be here.  I love other people and want to help them avoid the stress sandtrap I fell into:  Not knowing I was stressed.  Not knowing the manifestations of my stress.  Not managing my stress or my symptoms and instead dying of it.  And am I treating others differently?  Hmmmmm.  I guess.  Because now I look for the manifestations of stress in everyone and have dedicated myself to helping each person recognize and manage their symptoms.  And I have acquired, learned, developed, and implemented a wide variety of Healing Arts to do just that.  And it is working!

I am blessed.