“Take charge of your health on your journey to wellness.  A happy and healthy life is not a fairytale. You just need to take that first step on your journey to wellness".

~Bev Waters Shankman, Founder

Welcome to

Healing Waters HypnoFusion:   

A unique blend of Hypnotherapy and other Healing Arts dedicated to helping you manage your stress          


Our Reason

Healing Waters began with a dream to help you realize that small changes make a huge difference in personal health and wellness. We are dedicated to helping you take charge of your health and support you through managing your symptoms of stress, as you take that first step on your journey to wellness, and then one step at a time.

Stress kills.  Health professionals site stress as the root cause of most diseases including many cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and more.

Healing Waters uses HypnoFusion (TM), our blend of Hypnotherapy, healthy living, nutrition and wellness coaching, guided meditation, and restorative yoga to help you take charge of your health while managing the fears, phobias, habits, and anxieties that are getting in your way.  We identify additional resources to help you manage your stress and make them available to you in person or online.  It is our mission to help you enhance your health and wellness.


What is the process?  When you reach out to Healing Waters, we set up a time to meet face-to-face, either in person or via the Internet.  We discuss with you why you are here, the changes you seek. At Healing Waters, we believe that stress manifests in many surprising ways.  Sometimes as physical symptoms such as racing heart, insomnia, digestive problems, rashes, and more. Other times as fears, phobias, habits such as eating or smoking, and anxiety. As we talk and take careful notes,  together we set your affirmation and intention for the session. You will relax into a comfortable chair, and release any gripping, grabbing, clenching or other signs of muscle tension in your jaws, hands, face, legs. Listening to the sound of your hypnotherapist’s voice, you will be guided into relaxation.  Embedded in a guided meditation created just for you will be the affirmation and intention you have selected to start your journey to the change you desire.  You will be guided out of the trance just as gently, feeling relaxed and ready to return to your day and to your life.  You may notice changes immediately.  



Our Mission

Our Mission: It is our mission to help you enhance your health and wellness. We are a loving and supportive resource for those seeking to enhance their lives and adopt a healthier lifestyle mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and/or socially.  We lovingly  support you as you discover your true essence and actualize your healthiest and best self.  We help you manage your stress and symptoms of stress, to get out of your own way!


Manage your Weight.


Quit Smoking. 

Manage Your Anxiety and Stress.


WHAT ISSUES CAN BE HELPED WITH HYPNOTHERAPY?  Healing Waters helps our clients with their stress and symptoms of stress including fears, phobias, undesired habits, addictions, negative attitudes, and anxieties that restrict them from living their most authentic and positive lives.  

Hypnotherapy has successfully helped clients manage their weight, break addictions to sugar, quit smoking, overcome exam anxiety, overcome fear of dogs and fear of spiders, defeat fertility anxiety, improve sport performance, improve academic performance, enhance self-esteem, defeat phobias, recover from trauma, manage pain, reframe experiences and images, and much, much more.  

Our goal is to help you remove what is in your way, resolve issues interfering with living with your best life, release fears, anxieties, emotions, and reframe your experiences and images in a positive way.


Your Journey to Wellness

Healing Waters is committed to helping you find the resources you need to live your best life.  We continually seek new resources, methods, and products to enhance the lives of our clients.  Currently we are able to offer or refer you to practitioners of: Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Nutrition Counseling, Wellness Coaching, Tapping (EFT), Coaching in Plant Based Living, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, One-on-one and group yoga, Guided Mediation, Reiki Therapy, Ki-Hara Therapy, skin care, and healthy home care products.

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